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Highly granular modeling of the U.S. housing stock

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The ResStock and ComStock analysis tools are helping states, municipalities, utilities, and manufacturers identify which building stock improvements save the most energy and money. Learn more.

Data Visualization

Explore existing analysis results on ResStock's interactive website. State-level results can be filtered to identify the savings potential in various segments of the housing stock, whether that is homes of a certain vintage, homes with a specific heating fuel type, or homes with a certain type of wall construction type.

Data Viewer

State Fact Sheets

State audiences can benefit from the series of fact sheets developed for the 48 contiguous U.S. states. Each fact sheet presents the potential for economic energy and utility bill savings for the state. The top ten energy savings home improvements are highlighted.

State Fact Sheets

Analyze Your Scenario

Use the free and open-source software yourself (or partner with NREL or a third-party consultant). Analyze the scenarios of interest to you, whether you wish to evaluate the potential of a specific technology, define your own cost-effectiveness equations, or plug in hyperlocal data to get a high-granularity picture of the potential in a city or utility service territory. Analysis results can be privately uploaded to the ResStock website for visualization.

Software Releases


Gain insights on the methodology and view national- and state-level results in the NREL Technical Report, Energy Efficiency Potential in the U.S. Single-Family Housing Stock .

View webinar slides and recording from a Building America webinar presented on March 29. 2017

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